Israel’s raid on Gaza. Biden will send a new weapons package

TEL AVIV (ITALPRESS/MNA) – An Israeli army spokesman, Jonathan Conricus, announced that the Israeli death toll from the attack launched by Hamas against settlements around Gaza has risen to 1,200 people. However, 2,700 people were injured. This as the military escalation between the Israeli army and Hamas enters its fifth day. Conricus said in a live broadcast on the Israeli army’s page on platform “X” (formerly Twitter) that this assessment is not final. He added that Hamas is holding dozens of prisoners, “including many with dual citizenship from countries including the United States, Britain, Italy and Argentina.” On the other hand, Gaza’s Health Ministry said that at least 900 Palestinians have been killed and around 4,600 others have been injured in Israeli airstrikes on the Strip since Saturday. Conricus explained that the Israeli army struck targets of the Palestinian Hamas movement with great force yesterday. Its forces are fighting on three fronts, which has led to suffering “very heavy losses”, noting that Hezbollah has fired missiles and anti-tank shells at Israeli army positions on the northern front. He added: “The missiles were launched at us from Syria and we don’t know who launched them.” Meanwhile, the White House has announced that the President of the United States, Joe Biden, expressed US support “which is on its way to Israel” in a phone call to the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.The White House said Biden explained to Netanyahu that US support consisted, in addition to sending the world’s largest aircraft carrier to the eastern Mediterranean, in ammunition, Iron Dome missiles and other defensive equipment. Avichay Adraee, spokesperson for the Israeli army, said earlier through his account on the “X” platform (formerly Twitter) that the first plane loaded with advanced US ammunition landed on Tuesday night at the Nevatim air base, saying that this ammunition allows the army to “conduct concrete attacks and prepare” for other scenarios. Furthermore, yesterday the American aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford arrived in the Mediterranean waters off the coast of Israel. This comes after the Israeli Air Force said this morning that dozens of planes bombed more than 200 targets around the Al-Furqan neighborhood in the Gaza Strip. “This is the third wave of raids in Al-Furqan neighborhood, as we attacked more than 450 targets in the neighborhood in one day.” On the other hand, the Palestine Information Center reported that a violent bombing by Israeli warplanes targeted the western area of ??Gaza, near the port. At the same time, reports from Gaza reported that Israeli gunboats had fired heavy shells on Al-Rashid Street and the coastal strip west of Gaza City. The bombings targeting Al-Rashid Street, opposite the Gaza port, continue to this day. The Israeli army announced that its forces attacked naval targets belonging to Hamas.
-photo Agenzia Fotogramma-