Malta, farmers present five proposals to the government

LA VALLETTA (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Maltese farmers presented a set of five proposals to the Maltese government at the end of a national protest in Valletta waterfront, close to where the Virtu Ferries catamaran from Sicily docks.
Malcolm Borg of Ghaqda Bdiewa Attivi said, here is where most of the imported food arrives in Malta, while asking, “can we keep depending so much on importation and dismissing local produce?”
Currently, Malta imports approximately 80% of its food requirements, both fresh and frozen.
Presenting the proposals to the government, Borg listed want they are insisting on to protect their livelihood and secure the local produce.
Maltese farmers are requesting that non-EU food products should be blocked from entering Malta if local supply meets demand. The government should negotiate with the EU to get the clearance to do that. They are also asking for more stringent testing of non-EU food products. Malcolm Borg of Ghaqda Bdiewa Attivi argued that importers of non-EU goods are also selling local consumers inferior products. He alleged that Argentinian beef exported to France is then repackaged and sent to Malta after its initial expiry date.
The demonstrators are calling for government subsidies on fertilizers, animal fodder and the costs of local feeds.
Farmers declared that it is “absurd” for a country like Malta with limited agriculture land to consider and encourage land to remain fallow.
Farmers are requesting the Maltese government to block EU laws that can influence local agriculture from being implemented until there is enough proof that impacts will be negligible. Farmers cited laws arising from the European Green Deal or laws to end cage farming for chickens as cases in point.
It was the farmers’ second protest in as many weeks and one of a series of farmers’ protests across European capitals including Rome, Madrid and Athens.
-photo Agenzia Fotogramma-