Libya and Tunisia discuss cooperation to tackle illegal migration

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Libya and Tunisia agree to increase the consultation and coordination at both regional and international levels, particularly concerning the challenges of irregular migration and human trafficking. The emphasis was on a collaborative approach to address these pervasive issues that affect both nations. This follows a high-level meeting between Nabil Ammar, the Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Migration, and Tunisians Abroad, and Taher Salem, who is in charge of managing the Libyan Foreign Ministry under the Government of National Unity (GNU). This meeting underscores the ongoing commitment between Tunisia and Libya to work together on critical regional issues, including enhancing security measures and tackling the complex challenges posed by migration patterns in North Africa. Earlier this month, Algerian Interior Minister Ibrahim Murad announced that Algeria has agreed with Libya and Tunisia on a joint approach to develop border regions as part of efforts to combat irregular migration. This agreement was revealed during a quadripartite meeting held in Rome, Italy, chaired by Italian Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi and attended by Imad al-Trabulsi of Libya’s Temporary National Unity Government and Tunisian Interior Minister Kamel Feki. The German NGO Sea-Watch International is reporting that the Tunisian National Guard is being accused of deliberately leading to the capsize of a boat with 42 migrants on April, 5. 16 migrants lost their lives, while survivors spoke about the brutal actions of the Tunisian authorities. Meanwhile, the Libyan authorities said that the Oil Crescent Security Directorate had thwarted an attempt to smuggle 33 illegal immigrants on the seashore in the Al-Arasa area, west of the city of Brega. Two boats and four cars were seized, which were used to transport immigrants from the desert roads to the seashore. Two Libyans and an Egyptian smuggling boat captain were arrested, as well as two Palestinians and a Mauritanian involved in an attempt to smuggle immigrants, most of whom hold Egyptian nationality. (ITALPRESS).

Foto: Agenzia Fotogramma